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On Crisis With Joanna Doven

Jan 19, 2021

Get ready; it’s coming. What does a self driving future look like and how do we get there? From a 40,000 reduction in vehicle-related deaths to turning parking lots into parks -- and, let’s face it, convenience -- we dissected the industry’s possibilities  with two leaders of the self-driving vehicle technology company, Aurora. Led by former Google, Tesla and Uber executives, their recent acquisition of Uber’s autonomous driving unit will bring the “Aurora Driver” to the world’s leading ride-hailing network. This transaction valued the company at $10 billion, further solidifying their role as the most technically renowned autonomous driving leader. 


So, in an industry whose success requires public adoption -- what communications strategies is Aurora deploying to impact the  ‘mental leap’ needed for legislators and everyday citizens to trust a robot-vehicle?


We talk with two of Aurora’s top executives in communications and public affairs, respectively; Faryl Ury and Gerardo Interiano. Together, their impressive careers span journalist positions at The Associated Press and NPR, executive roles at Square and Google and decades of experience bringing highly regulated products to market.

 We talk about the long-term communications mindset, getting over public misconceptions and why aggressive communications on the company’s “safety first” commitment is paramount -- especially as they seek to shape regulations for a whole new industry.