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On Crisis With Joanna Doven

Nov 9, 2020

News will always flow to a crisis, but what happens when there's less seasoned reporters to discern real news from fake news? Joanna Doven sits down with Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Rich Lord about the changing media landscape and what that means for managing news media during crises. From falsehoods that catch fire, to why reporting is a lot like baseball, the two go back to 2006 when Luke Ravenstahl became the youngest big city mayor. It was a time of tumult, as Lord explains, “you had a mayor get sick, a mayor pass away, and a young mayor emerge…and at that time there were about a dozen reporters focused on the city beat at one time, a different atmosphere than you have today. Now, the two talk about the ruptuous change in information flow. Before, there was one set of facts from which everyone was debating and that came from the daily newspapers. Now, as newspapers dissipate and social media has emerged, it seems that when Americans are debating something they're no longer debating from the same collection of facts." In this inaugural episode, you'll learn top strategies on how to adapt to  this new reality during crises by being more aggressive in telling your side of the story.